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Welcome to the Rubicon Area Flyers Games and Simulators page.  This page is under construction (that is growing).  This page is intended to provide some stick time for those not able to get out flying and also provide information and links to the various simulators out there for flying.



Air Traffic Control Simulator

So, you want to know what it's like to control an airport?  Really?  Well then, click the above link and kick back and enjoy, but be warned, once you start "playing" this game is a tad addictive!



Flying Games -dot - Net

These are some pretty basic (graphics-wise) games but are still fun



 RC Simulators


Clear View RC Flight Simulator



ESKY RC Flight Simulator

Helicopter Flight Simulator based on the ESKY Helicopters



Hangar 9 RC Flight Simulator



Phoenix RC Flight Simulator



PRE-Flight RC Flight Simulator



Real Flight RC Flight Simulator



Reflex XTC Flight Simulator